Emphasized Areas of Practice


Business Law:

This field of law encompasses a broad category of legal services that can include the formation and dissolution of partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships. It also includes the drafting of agreements and contracts and the collection of money owed to businesses and providing general legal advice to business owners, partners and corporate directors.

Real Estate Law:

This field of law encompasses matters having to do with the buying, selling, leasing and partitioning of real estate as well as matters having to do with the governmental regulation of land.

Quiet Title and Easement Law:

The field of law known as Quiet Title Law or Removing Clouds from Title involves removing defects in legal title and determining the legal ownership of land. This field is especially important in Hawaii where many properties have less than clear and perfect title. The field of law known as Easement Law involves the establishment or extinguishment of a legal right to use land owned by another for a specific purpose.

Adjacent Property Dispute Law:

This field of law encompasses disputes between neighbors that can include matters such as determining where a boundary line is or issues involving overhanging trees and vegetation. It can also involve violations of a restrictive covenant or disrupted drainage patterns due to construction work on a neighbor’s property.

Condominium Association Law:

This field of law encompasses representing condominium owners and/or condominium associations on all aspects of condominium law.

Construction Law

This field of law ranges from providing services to contractors to ensure compliance with the various laws, rules and regulations that govern construction contracts and construction to construction defects issues to mechanics liens.